Who We Are

The Positivity Academy (PA), LLC is a life management consulting firm, specifically designed to support individuals who have undergone a major loss and/or failure to bounce back. Our goal is to help individuals enjoy their life by activating their power to win and strategically reinventing themselves. We assist corporations actualize the slogan “people are your greatest asset” through trainings focused on patient and/or customer engagement as well as employee engagement strategies.

The PA consists of highly experienced partners who coach, train, and serve as key note speakers. Our clients benefit from our online personal and professional development trainings, continuing education courses, one on one VIP coaching programs, and special events.

Don’t be among the thousands of highly successful people who have gotten STUCK, walking through life with a limp of failure. Instead, allow our team to help you shift from brokenness to life abundance!

The Big Deal About Positive Thinking

The Positivity Academy’s goal is to help you enjoy your life! Researchers have long discovered that optimism can produce better health and job success. According to the Huffington Post, “research is beginning to review that positive thinking is about much more than just being happy…[those thoughts] can actually create real value in your life and help you build skills that last much longer than a smile”. Click here for the full article

Who Can Benefit From The PA?

We provide one on one life management coaching for individuals and couples who have experienced a major loss.

We provide customized programs to help your organization better support your customer base and leadership team.

Conference Hosts
We serve as conference keynote and general session speakers. One of our newest keynotes is entitled “Welcome to the Winner’s Circle”

Individuals who are positive and corporations who cultivate a positive environment are, by nature, problem solvers with a motivation of improvement.

Allow our team to help you apply the power of positivity to yield better outcomes! Contact us to find out more ways…. or to request a copy of our 2016 Media Kit!