Course Description

90 Days to LEAP™ is a 13-week intensive group coaching program designed to teach the overworked and unfulfilled woman the critical success strategies to become the Fortune 500 CEO of their OWN life! The Positivity Academy team wants you to identify those frustrating roadblocks to your success, create a plan and then put that plan into action.

During the 90 Days to LEAP™ Coaching Program, you will enjoy a LIVE strategic coaching session each week over a 12 week period. The 13th week is all about taking action! Here is a sneak peak of the modules.

Module 1: Clarify Your Purpose

Clients will be able to clearly state their personal vision and who they are called to serve.

Module 2: Develop Your Success Blueprint

Clients will be able to work toward fulfilling specified target goals that will catapult their personal vision/mission statement into reality.

Module 3: Design Your Dream Team

Clients will begin developing their dream team and design an action plan to build relationships with influencers.

Each module comes with 4 LIVE weekly group coaching sessions, exercises/tools, and a few required readings.

Business Strategist

Kimberly Smith

Kimberly Smith, CEO of The Positivity Academy, is an accomplished author, speaker, business strategist, and leader in the healthcare industry.She has taken her knowledge and experience in operating healthcare facilities, building high-performing teams, and creating satisfied customers to support the success of high-performing business leaders and entrepreneurs. Kimberly obtained her Bachelors in Psychology from Wake Forest University and Masters in Health Policy Administration from the Arnold School of Public Health at the University of South Carolina.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    90 Days to LEAP Program Overview

    • Participant Pre-Start Questionnaire

  • 2

    Module I: Clarify Your Purpose

    • Lessons 1 - 4: Clarify Your Purpose

    • Lesson 1 Video- Clarifying Passions and Pain Points

    • Lesson 2 Video- Aligning Passions with Talents and Gifts

    • Lesson 3- : Developing A Personal Vision and Mission Statement (and Personal Brand)

    • Lesson 4 Video- Understanding How to Use Your Personal Brand to Build Positive Influence

  • 3

    Module II: Design Your Success Blueprint

    • Lessons 5 - 8: Design Your Success Blueprint

    • Lesson 5: The 4 Building Blocks to a Success Blueprint

    • Lesson 6: Step by Step Guide to Completing The Success Blueprint

    • Lesson 7: Identifying Your Springboard Goals

    • Special Featured Webinar: Cheryl Wood, International Speaker and Empowerment Champion

  • 4

    Module III: Develop Your Dream Team

    • Lessons 9 - 12: Design Your Dream Team

  • 5

    Special Bonuses

    • [BONUS] LEAP Seminar Part I: 10 Proven Strategies to Bounce Back After Major Failures (Video File)

    • [BONUS] LEAP Seminar eClass Series Part I (Post-Assignment)

    • [BONUS] LEAP Seminar Part II: Learn to Lead Others Through Tough Life Transitions (Video File)

    • [BONUS] LEAP Seminar eClass Series Part II (Post-Assignment)

    • [BONUS] LEAP Seminar Part III: Building Your Safe Haven of Success (Video File)

    • [BONUS] LEAP Seminar eClass Series Part III (Post-Assignment)

  • 6

    Tools and Attachments

    • 90 Days to LEAP "Tools" Workbook